We have a new feature – Pet of the Month

Each month we will celebrate one of the wonderful pets we look after. We love you all but sometimes these wonderful fur babies do something that pulls at our heart strings and so we want to share hat joy with you too.

August 2016 – Wilf (aka Stink-Dog!)


Here he is the handsome hound, doing one of his most favourite things – swimming. Wilf is a Cockerpoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) and he is 3 years old.We chose Wilfy because he is so full of fun, he always makes us smile with his spinning, barking, ball chasing, belly flopping, leg rubbing, lead avoiding ways. His favourite place to be is Osterley Park and his best friends are Poppy the Jack Russell Terrier (our little girl) and Wookie the border Terrier. He gets so excited about everything including his walks that last week he ran full pelt in the house into the staircase and nearly knocked himself out, he doesn’t do anything by halves and that is why we want to celebrate the wonderful  Wilf. For more pics of Wilf keep scrolling.

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