(We are going for two pets as I forgot to upload September!)

September 2016 – Wookie 


Wookie the Border Terrier has been enjoying walks with us now for 3 years. He started with Puppy Visits as a tiny pup and moved on to Group Walks when he was ready. He is intelligent, loving and fun and we absolutely adore him. He loves nothing more than a rough and tumble true Terrier style and especially loves bigger dogs. Wookie’s best friends are Max, Wilf and Poppy. Thank you very much Wookie for filling our days with lots of smiles.


October 2016 – Wilf 


Wonderful Wilf is not like your average cat. He is an urban adventurer. He loves to explore, play and sometimes he likes a fuss (on his terms of course!). We think Wilf is one of a kind and we love him. Unfortunately whilst out adventuring this month he broke both his Ulna and Radius so this brave boy has had a bit of a rough time recently. He had to have surgery to repair his broken leg. Wilf is now recovering well after being on cage rest. We hope being Pet of the Month for October will help cheer him up and that he is able to go out and enjoy some adventures again very soon.


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